Creating Serene Patio Spaces


It's That Time of Year Again

Backyard barbecues and family gatherings mean to get your patio set out and prepare for outdoor evenings. Whether you want to spruce up your current patio area or start over, here are some things to consider: material, function, durability, and size. Once you know what type of patio set will best suit your home, you'll be on your way to hosting some great outdoor gatherings with friends and family!


Wood Patio Furniture

Wood furniture has a natural feel and is resistant to wind, water, and fading. It is also very easy to move making it a great option if you like to rearrange your outdoor patio. Wood is also a rust-proof option! 

However, when choosing wood furniture be prepared for the upkeep required to make sure your patio furniture lasts. Also, look for options where furniture is made from pressure-treated lumber.


Metal Patio Furniture

Metal furniture is known for its durability, comfort, and versatility. The two primary types of metal furniture are wrought iron and aluminum. Wrought iron is resistant to wind, water, and fading, but it can be harder to rearrange because of its weight. Aluminum is much easier to arrange, but is lighter and therefore more susceptible to wind damage.


Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture can be easy to move, yet durable enough to withstand wind. This is a great option if you have a covered porch or patio. While wicker can handle wet conditions, it is best to have it under some type of cover for lasting durability. Wicker can also easily be spruced up with a coat of paint!


Resin/Plastic Furniture

Resin or plastic furniture has many perks, including durability, affordability, easy up-keep, and very easy to move and arrange. While portability can be a great asset in patio furniture, it also means it will easily blow in heavy winds or storms. If you have storage or a patio that is blocked from wind, resin/plastic furniture may be the option for you! 

Now that you know what type of patio furniture best suits your home, you can pick the size and function of your set. For small intimate patio settings, you might want to try a three-piece bistro. Large patios for big gatherings may be better suited for a seven-piece dining set. Yet another option is a chat set, or even a fire pit chat set. 

Find Your Inspiration


Finish off your patio setting with string lights and patio torches to really make your outdoor oasis a relaxing atmosphere for your family and guests!